It’s Not Really Legon If You Haven’t Felt These Frustrations Before

I'm sorry but you can't wear that mini-skirt you bought for the event

As a university of Ghana student, we know how hard you worked to get here and how proud you are to be a part of the premier university. The respect and points it gives you is endless. But let’s not kid ourselves, there are times we feel UG must be the worst! With all sorts of problems and headaches. In case you’re wondering what we mean probably because you’re non resident or you’re having an easy breezy time in school, here’s what we mean

Don’t you just hate it when you have a 7:30am lecture, but you wake up and the taps are not flowing? Like you now have to descend the flight of stairs for water and climb back up holding a heavy bucket of water, because noone wants to taint their reputation by carrying it on their heads. And the queue.. gosh! Makes you want to forgo the class altogether. We know most of y’all can relate.

As students, we’re almost always broke and unable to consistently feed our phones with data bundles. This is why we’ve got so much love for wifi.

But these days, be like the wifi in some halls work once in a green moon and when it does, you have stand close to the router for it to work. Other halls enjoy its occasional visits but a few halls are basking in its glory. So unfair right? Data bundles are becoming much more expensive and mans hot in that area so we really need the wifi to work. Like now!

Shuttle hustle
Fellow residents of the diaspora.. need we say more? We know how difficult it is to get shuttles to and from lectures due their limited number. And even when you get a shuttle, there’s a high chance you’ll end up standing and that is hella risky.

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Standing in class
This is common with most level hundred classes and department rooms where tutorial classes are held. We can’t pay our fees to come and stand and have lectures. Why? Because of small lateness?

Even if we’re early, there are some lecture halls that can’t contain all the students for some courses, yet we are expected to represent. Leaving us no choice than to wrestle for seats in class. Ad3n?

Flat mattresses
This is extremely inconvenient when you want to detty your body. FYI that may be the reason why that girl isn’t coming to your room to do the something. The body pains after firing alone is reason enough to give it all up. The mattresses in some halls are too flat you sometimes wonder if you’re lying directly on the slabs. Traditional hall fuor …

Don’t get us wrong, we love our school but some things are annoying! Don’t just read, share till it gets to those whom it should concern.




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