Dj Vyrusky Spreads The “Vyrus” In KNUST

‘You’re welcome to the world of  Dj Vyrusky… ‘

Well, if you missed the Fresh ‘a’ Fair concert last Sunday on Tech campus u do ursef…

Image result for your loss gif

Undoubtably he is the best!!..and KNUST couldn’t have enough of him

It was just some super charged distin

Let’s take u through some of the  thrilling moments…

…back to back hits

… the fresh ones too…

…you never go wrong with the winning moment ..

..and the historic #foreveryoung moment

Vyrusky be some different guy! Indeed #TheVyrusIsSpreading!

The Fresh a Fair train stops at the University of Cape Coast this weekend and Dj Vyrusky will definitely be there to turn the place upside down.



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