What Do You Do When The Feeling’s Not Mutual? You Curve That Boy Like It’s a Hobby….

Ladies, we all have that one guy who is more than obsessed with you when it’s not even that deep on your side. Some guys just don’t know when to stop and take no for an answer. It’s really unhealthy (guys, if you do this a lot, please stop).

Ah well, thank God for curving…lol… but wait, if you were not born with that curve talent, my sister don’t play, cause it could be deadly to play with someone’s heart like that.

Thankfully, I got the keys, keys, keys, so watch and learn.

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When the guy hits on you, laugh and never flirt back. Sometimes, you naaa cause am. Please don’t entertain him too much, else you will make him think you have some sort of interest. Baby girl, turn your body and walk away. It works every time.

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when he touches you, do your face like you’ve swallowed chloroquin….

Image result for the disgusted face gifs

Noooo, dont leave his messages on read. Pick up the phone and curve him like a champ

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…..

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When he wants to come and visit or take you out, pull up some random lie and sleep in peace.

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With time, Opana will get the memo and just let you be, but if he has lived through all these stages, then it’s time to drop the honesty bomb and get on with it.

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Other than that, Issa ghosting distin!




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