Nigerian Teachers Failed When They Wrote An Exam Meant For Primary School Pupils

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Oh… don’t you just hate that feeling when your younger sibling understands everything the home tutor taught when you were kids?

Well, if you thought your younger sibling getting higher marks than you was humiliating, then think again.

Thousands of Nigerian teachers may well be the most humiliated teachers in history.

Some primary school teachers in Nigeria’s Kaduna State failed the very exams they prepare pupils for.

Authorities in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna State say more than 20,000 primary school teachers will be dismissed as they failed to pass examination tests meant for their pupils.

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This is coming amidst apprehension that most primary and secondary schools in Nigeria are churning out half-baked students.

State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai said that 21,780 teachers, or two-thirds of them, failed to score 75% or higher on assessments usually given to six-year-olds, BBC reports.

Let’s be fair here, scoring below 75% in an exam is not entirely bad. It doesn’t mean you have failed, but when a teacher fails to score above 75% in the very same exam he prepared for his students, then there is a problem.

In Nigeria and to an extent, Ghana, hiring of teachers has been politicised and often tends to favour people who have access to people in high offices.

The Nigerian government has said that qualified teachers would be employed to replace the dismissed teachers. It is unclear when this will happen.

Do you think the Ghana Education Service should try this here?

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