Ladies! These 5 Things Turn Us Off Completely-Guys Tell It All

To be honest, no one can understand the science of love and affection-it is complicated!

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That should not make you lose hope ladies! That guy you like isn’t heading to all your advances or you think he just isnt looking your way? Think again!

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They always say guys are creatures of sight and it is true. Over the weekend, we hanged out with a group of UEW guys and they told it all. Most ladies are their own devils. If you are single, chances are, na you cause am.

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Warning… if you’re sensitive, you might want to read with caution…or some tissues because this tea is pippin hot!

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Before we go and disturb MOGPA and our grandmothers, here are some things you are doing which are unknowingly turning guys off

Your hair

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Yes! Your hair! Not only is a lady’s hair her glory but also her self-statement. Most ladies in this university do not take particular attention to their hair, the guys complained. Harun, a level 100 student reported that at a particular lecture, luck smiled on him and he got to sit beside a lady he had spotted on their freshers arrival. When Harun settled down, some funny scent kept hovering around his nose so he kept checking his sneakers to make sure he hadn’t stepped in any yawa.

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Thirty minutes into the lecture, he traced the source when his crush began to tighten her headscarf. Harun swears all the feelings she had for the girl immediately vanished. Whoever told you that guys do not pay attention to your hair lied to you. Please shampoo your hair regularly and save up money to visit the salon regularly. If you decide on keeping a natural look or a haircut, try as much as possible to keep it neat and take time to make your hair look presentable when you’re going out.


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Ladies are nature’s epitome of cleanliness.

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Aunty, if your boyfriend is cleaner than you are, you have a problem. No, we are not saying guys are permitted to be dirty, but our Ghanaian homes raise ladies to be cleaner than guys. Most ladies show us their clean part during lectures but the case is different when you visit their hostels. Edem told us about the breakup with his level 200 girlfriend. He cited communication as the reason for the breakup to satisfy his now  ex-girlfriend but deep within him, he broke up because she was plain dirty.

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He recalls one time he visited and still found the bedsheet they had used to “detty themselves” a week before.. a whole week and it had stains of the distin in it. To him, that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Guys actually pay attention to your rooms when they visit!

Walking the walk

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Ladies! There are things that differentiate a guy from a girl and your walking is one of them. This is no lie! Some UEW ladies walk like junior high school students. We aren’t asking y’all to catwalk like Naomi Campbell, but come on ladies, a little calculated step or two and femininity in your walk wouldn’t be bad. Almost all the guys we spoke to had something to say but that of Agyekum’s caught our attention. He’s  noticed one particular lady doing everything to get his attention since level 100 and he admits the lady in question is beautiful and intelligent, but her gait just turns him off…yikes

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We don’t know if it is grammar or just lack of interest. Most guys in this uni have complained about how difficult it is to have a conversation with our uni girls…and we are not talking about the wooing conversation. If it is a Whatsapp conversation, they only reply with the famous “lol”. Sometimes guys also like to have deep conversations..deep conversations are romantic! Learn how to have deep two-way conversations ladies!..and please leave “lol” alone. After all, Level 300 Dereck got himself an extra girlfriend from a different university because his girlfriend only knew how to to respond with “kk”, “lol” and “ikr”…smh right?

Watch the way you talk

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“Let some of these uni girls talk and it is like a screeching car just passed over an annoying cat”, Waddle said amidst laughter from the guys. They say it is a man’s world but trust us, it definitely would be better with a woman’s soothing voice..unless her voice is a high-pitch like a gramophone or maybe a giant machine. Ladies, you have to be heard. We are all for female empowerment, but c’mon, cut back on the shouting and screaming in public..that’s very..urmm…what do they call it?..yeah..unladylike…and they speak typical vernacular too..loudly! This is uni for God’s sake!

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Well, there you have it girls! The hidden formula has just been released for free. Ladies, you think the guys were too tough and difficult on you? Don’t worry! We are hanging out with some of our female Kuulpeeps and they’ve promised to tell it all too. You can also comment with your thoughts below…lol


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