“ANTI-PE” is Good For You Afterall

Back in high school, I quite remember this girl who always slept naked in the dorm. Of course, occasionally, we used to make fun of her and warn her about how she could easily be raped if there was an armed robbery, but charley, hubby no go waste time knocking her down at night though. Apparently, that’s not the only benefit you get when you sleep ‘anti-panty’.

Anti-pe dier 3y3! Is it everyday that you should be covered in pajamas like you be playboy?  All those tight undies, additionally covered by silk nightwear is just enough warmth and moist breeding grounds for bacteria. Letting the dogs out overnight by sleeping nude is a recommended way to keep that place healthy, cool, dry and clean.

Sleeping nude means no shirts or tops getting twisted whilst you turn over, nor strings getting entangled or pulled on, no trousers turning around or pulled too far down or up, or stretching your muscles, or tightening your waist or whatever whatever….you don’t need rocket science to tell you that you will sleep way better if you just dropped those clothes on the gaddamn ground! (or in your wardrobe, I mean, be neat small waii)

Let your body breathe for once, my dear. You’ve tortured yourself to wear tight jeans that need skills to fit into; a tight corset to keep the belly in, your new release sneakers that you want boys boys to envy and that designer cap you’ve been rocking all week. Close your eyes, and imagine how your body is wailing….bra, n’ad3n?

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On a stressful day, one of the best ways to calm your headache is to sleep naked. Why so? the stress hormone, Cortisol, increases as your body temperature reduces from extra special comfort.

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Scientists are at it again…. their studies have shown that too much stress and sweat can cause rapid ageing, so please in order not to wake up one day in an 80 year old’s body, sleep naked! We don’t want the personality-changing fairy mistaking you for grandpops.

Warmer nights can be unbearable sometimes – with not much cool breeze coming in and the fan too, is not really doing any proper job – do you even have the energy to wear anything? even in your sleep you are struggling. Boost your immune system, sleep anti-pe!

If you’re not alone, go ahead and cuddle. nothing should stop you from having a great night, not even fabric…

…But kuulpeeps, don’t forget to lock your doors before you jump into bed, naked!








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