6 Steps To Take In Building Your Empire While You’re In School

Are you a student who has an incredible talent and wants develop them? Do you have the passion to start your own empire while in school? Or perhaps you might be waiting till you are done with school to start working towards it.

Well, guess what? You don’t have wait till then. You really can snatch those GPAs and at the same time follow your passion or develop your talents on the side. Many kuulpeeps have done it and Ms Adwoa Afriyie of @Rachelle_events has too.

Speaking at the #Spreadtalk2017 even, which was held last Saturday, Ms Afriyie shared some tips and benefits of blending education with your talent.

You’re probably thinking, why blend? Why not just concentrate in school, finish then focus on that empire?

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According to Ms Afriyie, blending actually puts you on a higher pedestal than your peers to achieving greater things. Education, both formal and informal gives you a better insight and perspective of what to do and how best to do it. So yes! School is still important.

So if you’re someone who’s been wanting to do same or you’re skeptical about trying it, then you should definitely keep reading

Know thy self
Don’t just follow trends. Identify your strengths and weakness. By so doing, you’d be able to focus your time and energy on things you’re actually good at. Also you’d be more aware of how much additional stress you can take on. Life is hard already guys.

Build and improve on your strengths, passion and talents

Don’t be satisfied with what you already know. Aside the formal education we get by going to lectures and all, educate yourself informally by watching videos on the internet (YouTube is practically this generations greatest teacher), or you can learn from people who are already grounded in that field. This will at least help you gain the requisite skills you’d need to help you grow. You’re kuul you won’t want to be regular like that

Be innovative and original

If you really want to make an impact, why not try to be as original as you can. Try to create something new or make something old better. People are selling coconut juice in cups and all, you too think of a way to secure your place in the product’s market even before you leave school. The copy copy is too much.. ah ba!

Accept the challenges and trust the process

You’re in school so it’s not going to be easy or smooth as it might be for other people that are doing it full time. But you know what, accept the challenges that may come in the form of little or low capital and insufficient time and trust the process. Just focus on working hard and the results would pay off in the long run. No shaking.

Surround yourself with good, forward thinking people

They’ll keep you on your toes and push you to do better. These kind of people will definitely influence great thoughts because believe it or not, friends have a funny way of affecting our thought patterns. So flee from pessimistic and lazy people! They’re toxic!!

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Trust God and remember the 3 Ps
Say a prayer as often as you can and leave the rest to God. We can be chrife too.

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Finally, remember to have a passion for what you do, Persevere through the challenges and be Patient and trust the Process

Are you convinced yet, or you’re still wondering if you can do it and succeed? Dear kuulpeep, yes you can!!!



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