Legon Is Taking These Steps To See To The Psychological Needs Of Students After #AtomicExplosion

People stand in prayer after marching about a mile to the police station to protest the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August.

Following the incident of the Atomic Gas Explosion, the Careers and Counselling Centre of the University of Ghana, in acknowledgement of the psychological displacement that may have arisen following the crisis, is working to secure volunteer counsellors to offer professional services to students for free.

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Meanwhile, space has been allocated at the student clinic for group sessions. The centre has consequently agreed to run sessions concurrently at the Counselling Centre and the student clinic.

Students are to note that there will be group sessions every hour, while students interested in individual sessions can access that as well.

Peer counselors from theUniversity of Ghana Peer Counsellors’ Association are also available to ensure that students are physically,psychologically and emotionally fit to continue with their studies. Students are to contact certified peer counsellors on campus for their counselling needs.

You can call  ISAAC ARMAH, the President on
(0573090506) ,PRINCE BOATENG, the Vice President on (0506800914) or BELINDA KULORDZI (0544898395)


Source: UG SRC, UG Peer Counselors Association 



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