6 Ways To Survive That Crazy Course

What was your reaction when you saw your course combinations?

Don’t comment if your got your choice.

Majority of UG freshers were left between taking it as it is and attending the other school.

Good choice if you chose legon.

So it may be embarrassing if you have to relay your courses to anyone who asks. And it’s even worse if that course is totally difficult. So you have a course which is unwanted, disliked and difficult. (Asem oo).
But not to worry. Many have been there, been through and done some. And they have tips on how to survive that dreaded thing.

1. Try to understand the course

Its difficult. It has a strange name. The lecturer is not even fine. But people offer the course. And they like it. Meaning it can be grasped. First start by getting a general view of the course. It could be online or anywhere. What’s the course about? How important is it in today’s world? How will it change my view of the world?.
Once you’ve gotten an overview of the course. Then you will see it in a different light. You’ll see how impactful it can be. Even if it’s just for a semester.

2. Learn from the survivors, and the sharks:
You’re not only one to be given the course. Seek help from those who have a grasp of it. Learn from them. Learn with them. You’ll see changes coming up in your performance. Also track and locate those in higher levels from you offering the course. Get tips about the lecturer, the course and how the exams will be. Don’t forget past questions!!! You can get those for free at the Balme Library.

3. Try to enjoy the course 

You may hate it and all but there are ways to make it awesome. Watch YouTube videos of the topics. Try to associate important aspects of life with the course. Look at elements and evidence of the course in the world around you. People wouldn’t study it if its not needed.

4. learn outside the course

How many of you have been to the library?

Image result for awkward gif
There’s an Internet lab there. Go online. Check out articles. Videos. Reports concerning the course. This will keep you updated and refreshed on the topics.


Ask questions, join study groups, befriend the T.A . And don’t forget to answer questions. Even if you’re not sure. The more you participate. The more you get a broad knowledge of it.

6: Its all about the G.P.A

The university doesn’t care if you like the course or not. You pass, you pass. You fail, you fail. Even if you’ll drop it in the next level. You still gotta pass. So learn, shark, mow, tear ( whatever slang you use) the course and pass it once and for all.



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