The Engineering Student Who Plays With His Samsung A7

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Perhaps you have a Samsung or a Tecno phone and you’re wondering “hmmm…. I really want to get into photography but I don’t own an iPhone”. No worries. There is a gentleman on the Ashesi campus who is changing the status quo of phoneography. He takes awesome pictures with his Samsung A7 2015 phone like no other.

He is an Electrical Engineering major of Ashesi University College. He is a student of the Class of 2019. He is also a Career Peer Advisor (CPA) and the Vice President of the Rotaract Club of Ashesi. He is the former General Secretary of the International Student Association (ISA).

He is none other than Ronald Tumuhairwe.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: When did you get into photography?

Ronald Tumuhairwe: I started way back in high school during vacation, with my Nokia Asha. A lot of my friends used to take pictures of me that I didn’t like. What I did was to always take a sample shot of them to show them the difference between theirs and mine. It turned out they liked it but then they still couldn’t take the pictures they way I wanted them to.  I complained about the angle, lighting and proximity. This annoyed most of them and no one wanted to take pictures of me because of my ‘rules’ ……hahaaa

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: What inspired you to venture into photography?

Ronald Tumuhairwe: My brother owns a car workshop in Uganda, and I always felt that it was lacking in terms of advertisement. So I used to take some pictures on the activities that went on at the garage. Eventually, it turned out that a lot of people appreciated my style of photography. This was during the summer holidays this year. I remember a couple of people asking me whether I had googled the pictures and others asking me the type of camera I used.


I also draw inspiration from my colleagues Wayne Gakuo, and Rodney Assan. Michael Quansah also inspires me a lot, from way back in freshman year. Michael does a great job with the pictures he uploads on the Ashesi website, the Ashesi Instagram pages… they are very cool.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Do you take pictures for fun or you’ll like to take it as a profession?

Ronald Tumuhairwe:  All this while, I have been taking pictures for fun. It was just recently that I realised I could actually make more meaningful documentaries and stories using photography.  Professionally, I don’t picture myself as a photographer, because my passion for cars is stronger. My dream is to become a professional Electronic Fuel Injection engine tuner and if I am to follow photography I would be on car racing events capturing the art of cars. I love cars; we are just compatible.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Do you own a camera?

Ronald Tumuhairwe: No, I currently use my galaxy A7 2015 to take the shots, but I’m hoping to get one soon. It is on my list of priorities.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Aside playing with electrical circuits in the lab, and taking pictures, are there any hobbies?

Ronald Tumuhairwe: Dancing, modelling, fashion and design, car racing and travelling by plane.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Last academic year (second semester) you were part of the winners for the Love on The Hill Photography competition. How did you win?

Ronald Tumuhairwe: So it was Valentine’s Day, I was in the electronics lab and then I saw an email for the photo competition. In a few minutes, I grabbed an energy sensor and used both the negative (red wire) and the positive (black wire), since they match the theme of valentine. Took a picture and gave it a nice follow up caption.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Ronald Tumuhairwe: I want to build my own car workshop and encourage youth to join the automobile business. With time, I would like to create partnerships with the car manufacturing companies, so that these students get some sort of exchange programs. With time, we will start to manufacture our own car components and later on cars. I also see myself organizing the most vibrant car racing competitions in Africa. I mean my future will just be a combinations of cars with my other passions.  Just stay tuned.

Follow Ronald Tumuhairwe on Instagram for more wowziness.


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