14 Reasons Why You Need A Kanye West As A Life Partner

Kimye had been friends for 9 solid years before they eventually tied the knot.

Kuulpeeps!!! Here are some cool reasons why Kanye is just an adorable partner to the queen of KKW beauty.

1.  Organized the best engagement party for her.

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In October 2013, Kanye proposed to Kim at the AR&T Park in San Fransisco. He flew in family members and close friends to come and witness their union.

2. He proposed to her with a 15 carat diamond

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3. They had a photo shoot after their wedding

Image result for kanye flew kim to paris for her birthday to get customised shoes

4.  He always holds her hands. Isn’t he a kuulpeep?

5. He gave her two wonderful babies to live for.

6. He kisses her with passion.

7. Goes for shopping with her to buy extravagant brands.

Aren't you bored of that? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be in the art renaissance capital of the world but they decided to indulge in yet more shopping rather than visit the many galleries

8. He gave Kim a customized hand-painted Hermes Birkin Bag for Christmas.

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9. In 2014, she received a 1000 red roses on Valentine’s Day from the Don.

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10.  He got her a wall of roses for Mothers’ Day.

Image result for kim and Kanye at remedy Italy to meet zinodi

11. Flew her to Rome, Florence, Italy for her birthday to get customized shoes from Zinotti’s Shoe Factory.

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12. Kanye hired a stylist to change Kim’s wardrobe.

Out with the old, in with the new. The most amazing feeling of being with a guy is when he helps you change to be a better person, and dress to look like one.

13. In 2013, Kanye featured Kim in his music video, “Bound 2”.

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Kim was on a motorcycle with Kanye and they sort of floated through space. Love does magic, huh?

14. He made one of Kim’s lifetime dreams come true when he helped her brace the cover of Vogue Magazine.

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Ladies!!! Make sure your man helps you achieve your dreams. Dreams do come true.

Now tell me you wouldn’t want a man who loves you like Kanye loves Kim.

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