If You’re In Legon, This Is Probably The Easiest Way To Win A New Phone

It’s hallweeks season and we are positively hyper!!!

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Jean Nelson’s hallweek is just two other hallweeks away and they are already pumped and ready to blow y’all away.

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Jean Nelson is giving you an opportunity to up your Snapchat game when the artistes are performing during their hallweek: Standout Xperience


Rules of the game are pretty simple:

Take a video of yourself singing, dancing, miming, basically just jamming to the Jean Nelson Standout song. Anything that works for you,do it! Just be sure to post it on Instagram, Facebook, your Whatsapp status, Snapchat, see erh, spoil everywhere and tag @jeannelsonhall and @infinixghana where you can.

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Don’t forget to mention @kuulpeepslegon too!!

Here’s where it gets better: After every three days, the people with the highest likes will win an infinix phone.

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The awards will be presented during the hallweek, of course! So guys really, what are you waiting for?


Better start jamming and standout to win your prize!!!!


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