Update: Death Toll Rises In #AtomicExplosion

Death Toll Rises In #AtomicExplosion – (Update 1:54 P.M)

7 people have been confirmed dead, 132 people have been injured, out of which 64 people have been treated and discharged from various medical facilities in Accra as a result of yesterday’s gas explosion at Atomic Junction.

In a statement, the Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid, on behalf of the Government, commended fire fighters, the Ambulance Service and the police for their quick control and rescue efforts during yesterday’s fire outbreak.

If you know any injured person who may have been evacuated from the scene by civilians without the help of the police or any government agency, please ask the person to contact the Ghana Police Hospital. This is important.

A NADMO Help Station can be reached on 029935000 or 02993500030 to assist residents with further needs.


PHOTOS: Aftermath Of The #AtomicExplosion – (Update: 8:00 A.M)

In a bit of good news after a harrowing gas blast yesterday, it appears the fire did not spread as it had been feared.

The fire was contained to the gas filling station and the Total filing station.

The police have barricaded the area as fire officers continue to investigate the incidents.

Eyewitnesses say the workers at the filing station had time to flee for their lives after they detected the fire starting.

The smell of gas is still lingering in the area as at 7:00 AM, Kuulpeeps Legon Editor, Margaret Sagoe reports.

Scores of Ghanaians are at the scene of the fire, looking on as the police and firemen assess the situation.

One person is confirmed dead while a number of people are also receiving treatment for injuries that were incurred mainly because of a stampede that occurred as people run to safety. Others have reportedly suffered burns.

Meanwhile, many have taken to social media to share their experiences of the night they say they will never forget.

Then there were the angels who just wanted to help…


This 8 Year-Old Girl Is Looking For Her Family – (Update 11:59 P.M)

A good Samaritan has taken an 8-year-old girl to the Adenta Police Station, after she asked for help during the Atomic Gas Explosion.

Eben, who tweets with @EbenOsei said Precious, who is 8 years old girl begged for help. He then carried her and run with her to the safety of a stranger’s porch.

Little Precious is still looking for her family. Share this with your friends, her family members could be on your timeline.

In the midst of all the chaos, the kindness of Eben endeared him to a lot of social media users who commended him for helping out someone in need while he was literally trying to safe his own life.


Share this story and let’s get Precious home.


The fire fighters have been able to put out the fire and emergency teams are looking out for casualties.

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Currently, one person has been reported dead and others are receiving medical attention for various injuries.

Meanwhile, others are also desperately trying to reach loved ones:



The Police Say There Hasn’t Been An Armed Robbery Attack At The Airport. (Update: 10:00 P.M)

As we were trying to establish the veracity of the Atomic Gas Explosion, social media was hit by another news that there had been an armed robbery attack around the Kotoka International Airport.

This was said to have happened about the same time that the gas filling station exploded.

But, the police say reports of the armed robbery attack are false, according to Citifm.

If you’re reading this and you’re stuck at either, Pent, Bani or TF hostels, the SRC shuttle is picking up people who are stranded. Make sure you catch a ride and head to safety.


PRESEC BOYS ARE SAFE – according to an eyewitness. (Update: 9:37 P.M)

Unconfirmed reports suggest that five cars that were close to the epicenter have been burnt. It is not clear if people were in these burnt vehicles.

The epicenter is said to be near a busy bus terminal.

After the explosion occurred, students of the Presbyterian Boys’ were evacuated to a nearby UPSA hostel.

Currently, the fire has been quenched by fire fighters who had divine help from the rains that started to fall after the explosion occurred, an eyewitness tells Kuulpeeps.

The PRESEC students have also returned to their dormitories on campus. Nobody was injured.

Meanwhile other road users that were driving towards the location of the fire also had to make quick U-turns that resulted in some vehicles clashing into another.

People seeking shelter have been advised to go to the Accra Mall, where an emergency team has been set up to offer help


Update: 8:52 P.M

It has reportedly started to rain at Atomic junction; what looks like nature’s own attempt to put out the raging fire.

As the explosions occurred, University of Ghana students who live in hostels close to the area claimed to have felt the heat of the fire.

The students then started running to safety, after they realized what had happened.

Vehicles also knocked down a number of people who were running to safety, Kuulpeeps Legon Editor, Margaret Sagoe reports.

A number of students are reportedly injured from the helter-skelter that ensued.

The students who evacuated the Pent, Bani and TF hostels are currently being sheltered at Diaspora.

Because of the Kwapong Hall Week celebration, a lot of people are said to be on the Legon campus..

The students are said to be in a state of shock, as some run out of their room barefooted, wearing only pajamas.


8:32 P.M

There has been a huge gas explosion at a gas station at the Atomic Junction.

It is not clear what triggered the fire, but social media posts suggest that the fire is spreading in homes and businesses close to the gas filling station.

The explosion looked like the mushroom nuclear bomb explosions we only see in blockbuster Hollywood movies.

It’s too early to ascertain if there are any casualties. However, the said location of the gas explosion is a somewhat busy area.

Authorities are advising that people heading to Madina, Adenta, Oyarifa and Aburi from Shiashie must use alternative routes.

University of Ghana students who live in Pent and Bani have been asked to vacate their hostels.

More updates will follow.

This is a live page, keep refreshing this page for updates.


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