Nineteen Ninety’s Turn Up Party Just Reached A Critical Level!

October just started and it’s already turnt up!

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If you’re on another campus or worse a different planet, let’s fill you in- 7th October is the Turn Up Party!

Nineteen-ninetys have given us party blue-balls for a while, but it ‘s finally here. See, this is the official Akwaaba party. Keelpeeps said so! You can’t afford to miss this one!

At Kings and Queens this Saturday, DJs Berdy and Basby together with Curtis and Freddie will help us pump up the party as the Badman Magnom takes over….you heard right….. Magnom.

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Come party with Nineteen-Ninetys, Kuulpeeps and Magnom at the Turn Up Party from 8pm till day breaks!


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