KNUST: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10 Cedi Shop AT Fresh ‘A’ Fair

Are you really a Vodafone customer if you’ve never bought anything from the 10 Cedi Shop? Never heard of it? Have no idea what it’s like or how to make purchases? Well, here’s all you need to know about the 10 Cedi Shop.

The Vodafone 10 Cedi Shop is basically a pop-up shop, available during certain events or on random days in public places, where you can purchase a variety of items; from toiletries, to provisions, make up, hair, accessories and almost anything you can think of, for just 10 Ghana Cedis, provided you are a Vodafone customer registered onto Vodafone Cash.

Payments are not made with physical cash. Let’s say you buy an item for 10 cedis. The salesperson at the stand will give you a Vodafone number to send the money to from your Vodafone cash account.

The process is just like sending money to another person. It’s a simple way of purchasing great goods at unbeatable prices.

Get your Vodafone sim cards and register to Vodafone Cash today. Don’t miss out on the next opportunity. The 10 cedi shop will be available this Saturday at the KNUST Fresh ‘A’ Fair, happening at the Royal Parade Grounds.



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