Here Are 8 Reasons You Should Date A Sports Guy/Girl


We all have the impression that women who do sports are not beautiful and are ‘hard’. Well, that could be true, but can we look at the other side of that impression?

We put together a couple of reasons you should look at if you do not have the intention of dating a sports person.

Sports People are Hot!

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People who do sports are hot. Not Adwoa Bayor hot, but hot as in Serena Williams hot. Just look at the glass she’s holding.

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Must I explain further ladies? Ronaldo does all the explanation with his 6 packs.



They are passionate lovers

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People who do sports are passionate lovers. They love their partners just as they love the game; no wonder Arsenal still trusts Arsene Wenger.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they are faithful, but so far as they are with you, they go all out for you.


Most Sportsmen Are Rich!

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Sportsmen are very rich. When I say sportsmen, I mean dudes who are making a fortune from sports; not the Okwawu United kinda sportsmen. Just look at the man up there…


Sports Girls Are Probably Fitter Than You Are

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Unless you’re on the pitch all year like she is, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be as fit as an athlete whose job is to run around a field everyday. Go back and have another look at Serena, I bet she has more packs than you do. In that case, she just may serve as inspiration for you to start exercising. When you fall, she will catch you in top Gear.


Free weekends for football 


Hello guys, this is your best shot if you want to have your matchdays to yourselves; a sports girl. Before the age of girlfriends and romance, you and your friends probably spent Saturdays and Sundays in a bar or at your JCR watching football all day long. However, when a girl gets involved, the schedule inevitably changes. But it’s not that much of a big deal when she loves football too. Nothing changes!


You Have Nothing To Be Jealous Of.


Jealousy is the birthright of every individual and some men take it too seriously! But when your girl is into sports, it’s only natural for her to attract friends who share similar interests. And to be honest, not so many guys are interested in sports girls.


You won’t have to answer all those unnecessary questions when your’re watching a game.


One of the worst things about watching any type of sport with a complete novice is the questions. There is nothing as annoying as having to constantly explain things while the game is in full flow. Like what is offside? Who is the guy with the flag? But why does he have to hold the flag though?  Dating a girl who understands football is pure goals. In short, she’s a keeper.



I think this is the best reason you should date a sports person. Getting gifts for him/her is not that difficult. All you have to do is get a pack of Rexona body product for him/her and you’re done! No stress you see…

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