10 Great Places You Can Chill Or Get Food On Legon Campus

There’s nothing we love more than getting somewhere to sit and relax or maybe get something to eat that’s not from our own pot.

Gina’s Specs 

Most of us probably  don’t even know this place. Its opposite the chemistry department, close to the Levied building. The nondescript place has good local food and rice of course for as low as 5 cedis and trust us that you’d be satisfied. It’s at a convenient place so you can easily go sit there in between lectures and relax.

Tk Bell Akuaffo 

This is also convenient enough. Its in Akuaffo hall and you can get any food you want, also for as low as 5cedis

Legon Poolside 

We all know how hot it gets. Not everyday room. Sometimes throw on a bikini and go chill at the poolside small. Its close to the gym right there on the road leading from campus to okponglo.

Coffee Cue

This is one of the cutest places on campus. If you want to sit, relax and have some breakfast,  this is the place for you. You can get sandwiches of all kinds,coffee,juice,toast,milkshake and noodles.They open at 6.30am and stay open all day until the last person leaves. So if you want to take a walk with bae and the need to just stop and have a drink comes, just steer here.

Tyme Out 

This bar/restaurant is a fine place to just chill. They serve food, drinks and pastries.

Cap n’ Cupa 

Let out your inner dbee and pass through this cute place at night market. Abrokyire aba Ghana! Just pass through for a cup of fresh yoghurt, smoothie, waffles or pastries.

Night Market & Bushke 

If you and bae are on a budget, you can take a stroll to Night Market and get your waakye and kenkey and gob3 cheap kraa. If you want it extra cheap kraa then Bushke is for you! (Just go to the old UG gate close to the theatre arts department) Every local food dey there: banku, tuo zaafi, you want fufu? Look sharp. The heavenly gob3 there too erh!!!! Stop!

campus hub

Sometimes, you just need to dress nice and go out. Osu is too far charley, just take a 5cedis ride to campus hub and chill. It’s Adjacent commonwealth,  on your way to Registry. All the pizzas and burgers dey this side. And if you have your student ID, you get a 10% discount!

University of Ghana Guest House Restaurant 

Be like this place, it’s the International students who go there often. Its not far from the University’s basic school and the food is quite expensive. Us bushke lovers can only stare at the place when the shuttle passes by. But look sharp and let the taarty billion fall on bae!

Mr Wu

If you’re craving some Chinese food, call them. You can spend a night in and murder some egg fried rice and beef/pork/chicken sauce for just 15 cedis and 2 cedis for delivery.

Now you have no excuse to say your money is finished from going all the way to Osu to treat yourself and bae. Most of what you need is right here on campus. Look sharp and thank us later.


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