You’ve Gnashed For Far Too Long Ladies… Read This And Update Your Relationship Status

If you are reading this then you clearly need a boyfriend in your life. But are you ready for the drama and Super Stories that come with it? Well, looking at how desperate you are to find a boyfriend at your age, we guess we better get on with it:

Make the first move: when you realize there is a mutual thing going on between you and a guy, you really don’t need to waste your time waiting for the guy to make the first move.

I’m not sure why you would hang with guys that can’t even express their feelings in the first place but if you really like this guy, go for it.

There is really nothing wrong with making the first move if you are comfortable around each other and who knows, you might have been in his dreams all along.

But ladies, it’s not every guy oo, if he doesn’t like you, don’t go and disgrace yourself. There has to be a vibe, so clear that it can’t be mistaken.

Be Better: If you and your bffs have observed that you are too Azonto then you gotta make some alterations to your self. This has nothing to do with changing yourself in the name of grabbing a boy. Please…. it has everything to do with loving yourself enough to work on yourself where the need be so that others can appreciate you too. No one will love you when you don’t love yourself.

Be attractive: If you have a whole Mac make up kit and you are gnashing then your next stop is MOGPA! But I’m not saying waste all your money on beauty products in the name of love. But use sense and invest in your beauty, and if you don’t know, ask!

Avoid the Friend Zone: Don’t get into a guy’s friend zone book, especially every guy. This could happen to tomboys. Just because you grew up with brothers doesn’t give you the right to be Yo-ing every guy. They won’t take you serious oo….

Dont be materialistic, mean, rude, a self absorbed prick, aggressive, and rigid. This speaks for itself. Stop doing stuff that drives the guys away!


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