8 Mistakes That Freshers Will Make In Their First Semester Of Uni

Life is a learning process and all of us go through some mistakes at every stage. But being a fresher in the university is another level stage and the mistakes will come…pleeennntttyyyy.

If you’re a fresher reading this, you might have committed some of these mistakes already and this story might have come to you late but obviously, you could take a few tips from this after you scan through it all to prevent the next one….Enjoy the ride:

Acting dumb as hell! Sorry to laugh at your woe, but once a fresher this will definitely be an inevitable mistake. How do continuing students figure out that you are a fresher…cause you unconsciously act so damn dumb….lool. If you had gone for Orientation you wouldn’t be asking who JQB is.

That brings me to the fact that Orientation is important no matter how unnecessary it seems. And you have probably already made a mistake of not going. now look at you….asking if Night Market is only opened at night….

Abeg, Uni is not high school that you must join  GUNSA and Cadet and all those societies in the name of experience. Apuu! Every organization, every society, every church, every event, you dey some. Only you, on Fridays you have meetings upon meetings, Saturday too choir rehearsals, Sunday saf that you will rest too you are on your way to pick a bus to some Only-God-knows-what program! Aaba, busy body will kill you. You really don’t need to go for every activity you are invited for just because you heard Item 13 will be available.

Freshers don’t handle money right and most of y’all will learn this the hard way cause you never budget. Unless of course, you’ve received some strict advice or you are on tight finances, your money will flow out like water. From registration payments to even personal upkeep. But that shouldn’t be the case and that’s why it’s a huge mistake. Budget for everything like your life depends on it and it will help you. Buy things you need only. Following your new friends on shopping spree will make you broke in no time.

Dear girls, as guys keep flooding your social media with sweet words, be aware that the lovey-dovey wears off after he pops the cookie. Some of you are still rolling with your senior high boo. You are sleeping over and cooking stews and Jollof  that your mother hasn’t tasted before, just bear in mind that you are making a big mistake by giving more of yourself to the gentleman. Take your relationship one step at a time, keeping in mind that it can get pretty ugly.

It’s true that this environment is pretty new and change can be hard sometimes but you will be making a mistake by staying indoors for waaaay to long. Go out there and make friends. Socialize enough because it will be a learning process but be careful though. Be very careful else you will have the most heartbreaking experiences through friendships.

Freshers will buy every book that is recommended by their department; hell! They even pay for department dues …hahaa…. but as you’ve bought tear rubber textbook to go and read, are you even studying it? You’re probably reading this on your bed instead of going for lectures. Don’t even make that mistake to take your studies lightly in first year, trust us, it will count the most as you progress. So if no one has told you to start taking a trip to the library once in a while, then we’re telling you….

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The most common mistake Freshers in KNUST will make is not taking their accommodation for the second year seriously. Sweetie, it is more than a serious matter! Make eye red and look for accommodation especially if you don’t live around, else your pathetic level can’t be measured…

Massa, the mistakes are a lot. But some are on a personal level. Your remedy, is to probably vibe more with older students to shine your eyes.


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