EXCLUSIVE: Interview With The 13 Year Old Mathematics Student In KNUST

By now, you know that a young girl has made history in KNUST. She is the youngest person to ever gain admission into the prestigious science and technology university.

She is 13 years old and one of the smartest Kuulpeeps we know.

We decided to get up close and personal with this genius. Here is a transcript of our conversation with her.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: You are a pretty hard person to find. lol It took us practically the whole day to look for “Ama Gyan” of the Mathematics department. Is that your full name?

Ruth: Lol. I am sorry. My name is Ruth Ama Gyan Darkwah.


Kuulpeeps KNUST: To the truth that everyone wants to know. Are you really 13 years old?

Ruth: Hahaha.. Why is it hard to believe? I am 13 years of age. I was born on 29th May, 2004.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Realistically, we and our mates gained admission to university between 18-20 years of age. Can you kindly tell us how you are 5/6 years waaaaaayyyyyyy ahead of your mates.

Ruth:  I have lived at Prempeh College all my life because my dad is a Maths Tutor in the school. Growing up as a smart kid, my dad saw a lot of potential and urged me to push higher through my education.  I attended the  Christ our Hope International and later went to Abraham Lincoln School. From there, I went to St. Louis and now I am here in KNUST.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Wow!!!!!! Impressive. Our confusion is how did you do basic school, secondary and university all in 13 years? Lol it’s  not like you started school at exactly a year old too, so it’s not exactly 13 years saf. Is it magic or what?

Ruth: Lol, it’s no magic. Let me start this way, for my kindergarten I went for only two terms and skipped to kindergarten 2. I went for only a term in class four. I went to class 5 and skipped class 6 to Junior high school at the age of 9. I wrote BECE in JHS one and I entered Senior High School at age 10.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: And all of these skipping never took a toll on you???

Ruth: Not really,  my Dad inspired me a lot and countless number of times ,he actually told me I can do this. Most of the time  I learn what’s ahead of me earlier with the help of my dad.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Did your father influence your decision of reading Mathematics or is it something you wanted to pursue all along.

Ruth: Not really, I wanted to read computer Science, but I was offered Mathematics. I plan on pursing a second degree in computer science after I graduate. I really love maths especially calculus. My dad has really helped me in mathematics and all aspects as well.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Do you have a social life? Friends? With all this learning did you have time to socialize?

Ruth: I know only a few people. My close friends are Ella and Emefa.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Are you on social media?

Ruth: Yes please, I am on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat but I will keep my handles  to myself for now….lol

Kuulpeeps KNUST: Is it too early to ask if you have a boyfriend??? LMAO

Ruth: Hahahahahahahahahaha……. I don’t have a boyfriend.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: How do you feel being in the university at 13??

Ruth: I feel okay, sometimes I am treated special. Even at St. Louis, I was exempted from all sort of punishments. I feel happy gaining all this attention so far.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: What do you do during your free time? That is if you have any

Ruth: Like I said, I love calculus. I like phone games like subway surfers, I like listening to gospel music and attending church.

Kuulpeeps KNUST: LOL. Typical Level 100 stuff. Thank you for having us Ruth. We will be back soon though.

Ruth: Thank you too.


  1. Big ups to u Ruth. Ure a refined genius and I’m so proud of you. Keep shining all the way to the very top.


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