You Are Killing Yourself If You Don’t Do These Five Things After An Orgasm

Sex doesn’t end after the oooh’s, aahs and oh-my-god’s are said and done. There’s a lot more to do!

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After the mind-blowing orgasm, you should practise some routine practices in order for you to have a healthy junk for another orgasm another day. Here are some things you need to do after sex. Trust us, they are very important!


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This can’t be stressed too much. Yes! You need to pee right after experiencing an orgasm-for both guys and girls. According to health experts, urine contains enough acid to flush out bacteria which travels into your body. Urine is believed to prevent urinary tract infection in women and general STD/I’s. Head straight to the washroom right after sex! It is important.

Drink water

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What do you do after that rigorous exercise routine? Chug some water obviously! Well, it’ll interest you to know that sex itself is exercise enough and you loose water when you’re thrusting back and forth or riding the pony. It won’t hurt to drink a cup or two of water to refuel lost fluid. It is better and healthier than the energy drinks…plus it helps prevent urinary tract infection and dehydration.

Wash up immediately with non-scented soap

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Yeah! We get it! It is romantic to lie in bed naked with your partner after sex..but why choose romance over health? All the fluids exchanged during bed aerobics provide a safe haven for bacteria and yeast infection. Wash the outside of your private parts to clear off any sweat, lube, squirts or passion goo.  What’s better than a clean and fresh snuggle after sex…mmmm

Change your underwear

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Change it! Please do! Wearing the same underwear after sex is like putting your condom on after sex…pretty disgusting huh. Your underwear might have precum stains and squirt blotches which is just what bacteria needs to act. We are all about spontaneity but hey, keep an extra underwear nearby.

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Eats fruits asap!

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After that banana has fallen on her, how about you guys share an actual banana..or any fruit works. Fruits are great and healthy way of getting that energy you lost during sex. Come to think of it, sharing a fruit is actually a good and romantic way to get round two started. Okay bye!

Do these and live to orgasm another day!


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