This Is How To Successfully Pass A Language Course In The University

The perception a lot of people have before coming to the university is that some courses are challenging than others. Medicine, pharmacy, engineering and other science related courses are perceived as challenging but not the humanities courses… well, that’s a big fat lie.

Every course has its own challenges and every student regardless of the courses they offer struggles to get good grades.

Let’s take those offering language courses for example, these people have not finished mastering the English language but then they have to learn a totally new language and master it to be able to get good grades. (Like their stress isn’t enough).

But hey, some people have been able to pass these language courses and you can do that easily too.

Take very comprehensive notes 

This is very fundamental, not only does it help you in a particular semester but it’s also good for future purposes  especially if you intend to further the course. Write down things related to verbs and sentence constructions among others and keep them safe or you’ll be screwed if you lose them.

Keep a vocabulary book

A book that will contain all the vocabularies you’ll learn throughout the period of studying the course is key. This is because new words are learnt every time so keeping a vocabulary book will help you to record, update and study your vocabularies easily.

Forget not your books

A frequent study of what has been taught is also vital. Spending some time everyday to study will enable you familiarize yourself with the language. Visiting it occasionally especially during IAs & exams is a big mistake. It only makes everything seem like gibberish to you.

Media resources

Yes movies and songs (in the language you’re studying) are also helpful materials for learning new words; specifically movies with subtitles or lyrical music videos . You’ll have fun and learn something new. You can also download some apps to help you out with some new words etc. Duolingo is a great app.

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Speak the language

We may laugh at you in the beginning (it’s expected) however, the media resources accompanied with an effort of speaking, builds proficiency in the language. Speak it to your friends and roommates. They probably won’t understand but it’d help you remember. Have a short conversation with your course mates too. It helps!

Don’t Miss A Class

Go for every class. Don’t even be tempted to skip once.

A new language can be quite boring and time consuming but with some effort and dedication you’d be surprised at how much love you’ll start to have for the course. Before you know it, you’d be going for a year abroad in your final year as part of studying the course.

Written By: Reginald (Russian Student)


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