Alert!! For All Fashionistas!!

This is for you in case for some odd reason unknown to the fashionista world, you are not aware that Glitz Africa Fashion Week (GAFW) is fast approaching… when we say fast, we mean in 2 days kind of fast.

The event kicks off on Thursday in Osu for a street style runway with performance by the original 90s bad Gyal herself, Ebony!!

The rest of the showcase will be held at Kempinksi hotel, the hotel of all poshness !! We are all excited from the A list celebrities to the Waakye sellers that will show up!! Lol…okay that was stretch but you get the point.

When you have designers coming from all African countries to showcase their new looks!! Issa lit Distin !!

Below is the schedule for the events with the scheduled time. 

All our fashionistas and debonair Men come and let’s slay in unison!! #IssaLook for days!!!


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