You’re Not In Legon If You Haven’t Experienced This

Shuttles are our most basic means of transportation.

So far as you dey the diaspora and jublish area de3 you will surely stand in a shuttle one day unless you have your own ride, or perch rides. It could also be that you’re an uber guy or you don’t mind taxis and not forgetting the walkers ( those people dey force, I salute!).

So imagine you’re almost late for a class mostly because you’ve been waiting for a shuttle for ages!!!

Then look! You actually see a shuttle’s beautiful white head coming from a distance…

But then the shuttle pulls over and you realise it’s full!!!

… but you still get on because you are late and also because “that lecturer” does not tolerate lateness to his class.

So as the shuttle draws closer, you also slowly move towards it. Now the trick is to slowly gauge the distance so that when it finally stops, one of it’s doors will be directly in front of you!

Protect your ‘fort’ charley!! Don’t let anyone push you out of the way!! That area around the door is your castle and you must protect and make sure no one by passes you to get in. No one!!!

After struggling to keep your spot while you wait for the few people getting off to get down, you finally enter the shuttle, find a good standing point and locate a bar to hold.

Now this is where the stress begins.

The minute the driver starts the engine you for tighten your grip for the bar charley!! The ramps!!!!!! They can destroy you!

They can cause you to easily lose your footing and…

Waiting for the shuttle to ‘climb’ over the speed ramp is so annoying cos echeck like the ramps dey like 100 pass all in the shape of mountains!!

And it’s even worse when the driver is taking a turn or using the roundabout.


This isn’t a joke guys! For real, hold on tight and rest your hip against a seat!! people do fall in the shuttle while standing. I am a victim!!! Don’t be!!!

See erh, standing in the shuttle to campus from diaspora is the longest journey ever ( not exaggerating) at least for the girls but it’s probably the shortest journey for the guys.

Why do I say so??

It is very irritating when as a girl, you feel your body being touched by a guy who is a total stranger but can’t complain because of this shuttle sardine situation. However the guys enjoy the ride cos they get to have body contact with ladies without any problems. Like hey we are all packed in here! Sorry I’m pressed against your butt.

But one thing both guys and girls will both agree is uncomfortable is, when the shuttle conductor starts taking the fare and has to walk through. The thing is why should we pay when we didnt sit? Ah well…

And oh if someone gets off the shuttle, the struggle and marathon people go through to obtain that seat is hilarious.

Despite all of the hassle, Shuttles over walking any day right??

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Written By: Am-Maa-U


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