KNUST Students Were Suspended For The Weirdest Reason Ever


Twenty three students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology have been suspended by authorities of Unity Hall for a week. What did they do?… They were hooting at a female colleague who visited the hall.

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Yeah they did…..

The Public Relations Officer of the hall, Dominic Donkor, was among the students who were suspended for hooting at the lady.

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Maybe y’all thought it was ok and cool to do stuff like that but the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Mr. Nathaniel Arthur, thought otherwise.

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He said “In as much as hooting at ladies was overlooked in the Hall, it was not appropriate for residents of the halls to engage in the act.”

If you did not know, now you do…. So for those who hoot at girls, go and hoot no more!

Your education might depend on it.


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