Take A Peep At Legon Through The Eyes Of An “Androidographer”

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We all use smartphones right? And of course right now we are all about phones with good cameras for one reason only: Perfect Selfies!

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But this is not the same for Enoch, a level 300 Economics and Linguistics student of the University of Ghana.

Enoch uses his phone for selfies too but he also uses it to take amazing shots of places on campus.

He is what is called an androidographer: someone who takes ‘professional’ pictures with an android.

take a look at this:

Cool right?

So Kuulpeeps met up with Enoch Weguni Kabange to gain more insight into what he does and how he does it.

Kuulpeeps :  Hi Enoch. So, where exactly are you from?

Enoch :  I’m from Navrongo, but I live in Tamale. I’ve lived there since I was 6.

Kuulpeeps :  Interesting. When did you start taking photos with your phone?

Enoch :  Errm I can’t really tell because I’m not really involved in photography but sometimes, I just feel like taking pictures. I don’t go around with the idea of taking pictures but when I see something that I feel can make a statement, I take a shot of it.

Kuulpeeps : What phone do you use for these amazing pictures?

Enoch : I use a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

Kuulpeeps: Oh wow. Why not an iPhone? We all know how people rave about their camera quality.

Enoch: I love Samsung! Peeps like to think iPhone is the best with pics, but I believe both phones have their value. Besides, I don’t have much money for iPhone now (laughs)

Kuulpeeps:  How do you go about editing?

Enoch: errm google photos have this photo editor, yeah so that’s what I use. I don’t use any downloaded app, just the google photo editor.

Kuulpeeps:  Do you hope to become a professional photographer someday?

Enoch: yeah I would want to, but not as a full time profession, I’ve not really thought about it but I think I would want to do it alongside my job.

Here are a couple more pictures from  Enoch Weguri Kabange the “androidographer”;

And don’t forget to follow him on IG:












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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jamal Gabriel

    September 9, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Good job Enoch.
    I’m hoping you get that camera soon.

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