Steeze Party- All That You Decided To Miss!

History was made! We have been to a lot of parties, but never ever have we been this blown away by a single event. KBAJ do all!

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Chaley! Steeze party was a mad ting! A night that started off someway turned into a huge success.

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The rain wanted to ruin everything for us, but you people showed us who the bosses are. Even though it poured heavily for a couple of hours, you still turned up in your numbers and partied! Chaley… You menners really force.

Now we give to you “Steeze II” from our photographer’s lens.

Cobby and his microphone made the place turnt!


The grind made Cobby weak! Cobby really?

Ladies have to do a little catching up… it doesn’t matter where

What’s with this tongue thing? lol

Sometimes you’ve got to drop the mask and allow yourself to be steezed up!

Just say hi to our KuulCamera..we promise, we don’t bite!

Music knows no gender charley! The ladies also came to have fun!

She got steezed up!

Someone’s daughter..smh

Who says Man’s Not Hot? Apparently this one is!

What song do you think will get him on the floor? We just can’t deal.

What a night chaley! What a night! We just can’t wait for Steeze III!!!!!! It should just come soon soon soon!


Written by Benjamin ‘Jilo’ Nketiah


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