All The Fine People We Captured At Steeze Party

We won’t lie, we are suckers for fine people.

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But tell me, who isn’t?

KBAJ Entertainment brought us  Steeze II on Friday and man oo man, was it epic! Now, as our ever present photographers scanned through the party, we caught pictures of the finest people that UEW has to offer. And since we aren’t greedy, we will share this blessing with you.

Chai! Flawless…just flawless!

Everything just on point!

A couple that slays together, stays together.

Not just the girls, the mandem fine too!

Beard gang repped!

Another one…in DJ Khaled’s voice.

UEW got fine guys too!

This one right here…

Inhale the cuteness….

Have you had enough??? Cos we certainly have not!!!!!!!! STEEZE II.. Mad ting!

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Written by Benjamin ‘Jilo’ Nketiah



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