Infections At The Gym Are Real, This Is What You Can Do To Prevent Them

Kuulpeeps, most of us want to believe that the gym is that one place we go to actually keep fit and stay healthy.

Yep, that’s what health conscious people think at least.

But little did we know that the gym is a breeding ground for germs that can cause serious infections.

Gym germs can ruin your skin and create discomfort and illness. This then defeats the purpose of going to the gym.

Infections like ringworm is one of the easiest skin infections you can contract at the gym. These germs thrive in wet environments. Do you remember when you use gym equipment that is soaked in someone else’s sweat without cleaning it?

Besides ringworm infection, you can also contract Athlete’s Foot. Oddly enough, the number of people that walk about with athlete’s Foot is surprising. This is why it is never advisable to walk barefooted for even a second at the gym. The floor may be full of such germs.

Boils is surely one infection to get from the gym. You can contract boils from infected people that use the gym as well. You wake up one morning wondering where that big growing boil under your armpit came from; well now you know where.

You could get bacterial infections from touching racks and even touching friends from the gym. This is why it is very important to be aware of your environment enough to protect yourself.

Common transmissions are cough and common cold.

In the name of staying healthy, you must practice some personal hygiene methods whilst you gym so you are not easily susceptible to such infections.

But first things first…..

You have to make it a point to critically scrutinize the gym you go to.

The gym must be hygienic and conducive enough to prevent constant infections. First off, check to see that the gym is well ventilated before you sign that membership card. Depending on the location and the conditions of environment of the gym, the gym must have well functioning sources of ventilation. An ideal option for proper ventilation in a gym is available windows that are large enough to send fresh air from the outside into the space and replace the warm stale air.


Health sensitive gyms have helps that clean up the equipment even whilst sessions are ongoing so that infections are not easily transmitted.

Gyms are required to have hand sanitizers, tissue and disinfectant sprays at vantage points for customers to use before, during and after sessions.

Ask questions on how they maintain hygiene in the gym area. Check to see that bathrooms and locker rooms are very clean.

Nonetheless, you have to practice your own basic hygiene activities  when you step into the gym.

Always take a fresh towel along. We already know the policy about gyms not letting you in without a towel so we are sure you won’t leave yours behind. The adjective here is fresh. Take clean, well maintained towels to the gym. You don’t have to wash your towel everyday but you can get more than one and alternate them, don’t wait till the smell of  your towel sucks out demons before you decide to wash it.


Wear shoes all the time. Never ever take off your shoes for a second in the gym. That is to say that your feet must be ready to slide into some flip flops (maybe for a quick shower) as they come out of your trainers but they must never touch the floor of the gym. That could be a recipe for an Athletic Foot disaster


In case you get cuts, scrapes or open sores which can easily happen in the gym. You could temporarily cover them up whilst you are working out so that infections don’t get direct contact into your body system.

You should have tissue t0 wipe any equipment before you use them.

Wear socks in your trainers, don’t forget to wear gloves as well; gym wear must be clean always. Take your gym wear off after you are done with your workout sessions. And when you get home, immediately toss your gym wear and towel into the machine to wash. Another option is to have more than one gym wear to alternate with.

Always wash your hands before leaving the gym. The likelihood that you will touch any part of your body like your lips whilst you are out of the gym is high and that’s some type of transmission.

Next time you go to the gym be conscious but don’t be afraid. Just because infections are there does not mean gyming shouldn’t be an enjoyable experience for you. Take good care of yourselves and enjoy some fitness goals with your health goals!


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