Here Are Some Of The Feasible Businesses We Have At Ashesi

Ashesi is one of the well-known institutions in Africa that dwells on Leadership, Citizenship and Entrepreneurship. As such, it is not a surprise to have feasible and viable businesses which run on campus.

Here is a list of a few business which run on campus.

Food and Hospitality

  • Waffle and Dabble

  • Healthy On The Go Filling (H.O.F.) Spot

  • Lisa’s Pancakes

Lisa’s Pancakes

  • Water 2 Rooms

You have no problems if your water runs out during the course of the semester. Water 2 Rooms is here at your service. Place your order and we will deliver to you at your doorstep.

  • Grannies


If you’re looking for something to break your fast because you have an 8am class and couldn’t get time to have breakfast? Ajs Wishes is here for you. You can grab some sumptuous and mouth-watering sandwiches from the Essentials store on campus everyday of the week.

  • The Snack Rack – Kenkey Smoothie

Patience Oppong, the founder of Snack Rack ensures that she makes thirst-quenching kenkey smoothies just for the Ashesi Community. You could get some yummy kenkey smoothies from the Essentials store on campus any day of the week.

  • Li’s Cupcake


  • Usafiri

Usafiri in collaboration with Ryde Logistics provides affordable rides for students mostly on Fridays and on weekends. Ryde is available for your fun plans and home plans and will bring you back to school safe and sound. Book your rides at Ryde Logistics.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Bucket Deals

Bucket Deals brings the market to you without any form of hustle. The sale mostly happens once a semester in the cave. It is run by Wima Amoo-Osae and Gloria Nuerkie, both alums of Ashesi.

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Shoe Universe is a business venture on the Ashesi campus owned by Patience Oppong. What Shoe Universe aims to do is to provide you with comfortable and classy shoes without any form of hustle.


  • Furni Design

Furni Design is a business that is into furniture. The business owner is Charles Dzokoto. He started with making shoe racks for the Ashesi Community before it eventually became a running business on campus.

Creatives and Designs



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