#DateNightChallenge Is Not What You Think It Is

Abeg, your car, bicycle or motor will never wake up one day and say “It’s over between us.”

Talk of loyalty – all the times your beloved automobile waited for you for hours in the rain, in the sun, in the wind, even in the storm. Oh wow….

Which kind of boy/girl will do this for you?

That’s why these grateful Kuulpeeps are going on a date night, with no other but their carrrrsss….

But wait! the hustlers are not left out. Any means of transportation such as your able and industrious walking legs could be bae too. No one will mind if you take those babes (legs) on a jacuzzi splash for some romantic date night.

The #DateNightChallenge is celebrating that one thing you like the most. Some people go on a date with their cars, their books, shoes, and even helicopter.


The challenge, which is going viral, began when this guy posted a picture of him sitting next to his Benz and called it a date night.

Since then, people have been going on date nights with almost anything they love.

While you are planning your own #DateNightChallenge you can check out the crazy stuff people have done for the #DateNightChallenge

Bae has two sexy wheels….

Movie night with bae….

Grab that booty….yaaassss

8 years and counting …. happy anniversary baby!!!

Fast and furious like bae!

Executive bae!

Rolls Royce bae

High maintenance boo

Bae comes in all sizes

Who will take me to farm, if not bae?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder….

Bae can flyyyyyy…..

Kuulpeeps, we want to see your #DateNightChallenge post. Tag us in them…

Someone find us Kuulio…


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