You Wouldn’t Want To Sit In This Invigilator’s Exam Room

Students writing an exam

It is practically normal for a teacher who is invigilating to walk out for the students to quickly talk to each other in an attempt to fill their potholes before they are caught.

As soon as the teacher steps out, the class becomes a place of constant buzzing and whispers because almost everyone is trying to get an answer to a question they couldn’t answer before the teacher gets back.

Sometimes, some of  us are almost caught and we pretend to be recollecting only God knows what.

If you are caught too and the teacher is a bit lenient then your sitting position will be changed, if not, your paper is collected and that is the end of the paper for you.

Some of the teachers have skills for catching those of us that copy.

There are those who will go and hide behind the window just to catch you.

Others will hide behind the door and the rest will just base in one corner of the class with their eyes everywhere.

We just never thought some will be willing to go to the extreme to invigilate.

This teacher left the class during a test and the students took advantage of that to copy, only to find her up there looking down on them.

Image result for you have got to be kidding me gif

Nope we are not and trust others to definitely have something to say.

For us we just want to understand two things..

  1. How did she get up there?
  2. Who took the picture?


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