You Don’t Have To Miss Uncle Ebo Whyte’s “The Comeback”

All of us might have heard of Uncle Ebo Whyte for all the great work he’s been doing.

In case you haven’t, he’s basically Ghana’s Tyler Perry, except for the Madea part.

He recently put together another wonderful  play called “The Comeback”.

The play, which was produced by Roverman Production shows the life of a man, who has  worked hard abroad so his family could set up businesses for him. The purpose for this was supposed to allow him enjoy a comfortable life at home when he returns.

But for Jojo, the day he returned home was the day he decided to kill his brother and commit suicide.

What happened? Will Jojo murder his brother? Will he get away with murder if he carries out his plan?

The play will be staged this Sunday at the National Theatre and you’re sure to have a whole lot of fun.

The ticket is GHS 20 for students with a valid Student Identity Card.

Start looking for that ID card of yours…


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