Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Ashesians Chose Ashesi

Hey Kuulpeeps!!! I’m sure you’ve been wondering why people want to come to Ashesi so bad. They just crave to come to this wonderful institution just to further their studies.

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Here are a few reasons why Ashesians chose Ashesi.

  • Honour Code System

I mean… Why would I want to have an invigilator in an exam room looking at me and giving me so much TENSION? Naah… That ain’t cool. As an Ashesian, your class signs up to the honour code in the first semester of sophomore year. After signing unto the honour code, students write exams without any form of supervision. The school authorities as well as your peers believe and trust that you wouldn’t cheat or commit any form of exam malpractice.  But that doesn’t mean the honour code only exist in the lecture hall. There’s also the social honour code. You can leave any belonging of yours in public spaces anywhere on campus and you’re sure to find it. That doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible.

  • Fast internet access

Ashesi Air!!! Nothing could be better and more convenient than Ashesi Air.

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Basically, Ashesi Air is the name of the WiFi. Believe me, it’s faster than Flash. Internet connectivity is not an issue at all on this cool side of town. The WiFi absolutely stops working the moment you leave the gate. Apart from the lecture halls, you can get access to strong wifi at the library, the cafeteria, the hostels, and anywhere on campus, even at the car park. That’s the reason why Ashesians miss the internet when they go home for the long vacation. I mean… Who wants to spend so much money in buying internet bundles?

  • Community engagement

This has to do with mainly partaking in involvement projects in Brekuso and on-campus. Students get to impart lives and put smiles on people’s faces. The photo was from last year’s Love Splash event where Ashesi students painted and redecorated the classrooms of the Brekuso Basic School on Valentine’s day.

  • Scholarship

Another reason why some Ashesians chose Ashesi and no other university is because of the scholarship opportunities this institution has to offer. The scholarship opportunities which are available are; the Ashesi Scholarship Fund, the Mastercard Scholarship, and the Ashesi Student Council (ASC) Fund.

  • Small population size

Some Ashesians decided to further their education here not because they have Agoraphobia. It is because having so many people around you could be distracting. For example; it could result in large class sizes and making it difficult for lecturers to maintain decorum during lectures. Also, a small population size makes it much easier to know and recall people’s names.

  • Network

Here at Ashesi, you meet new people and make new friends who end up becoming family. The bond grows so strong, it’s difficult to break. In relation to network, some Ashesians applied to Ashesi because of the top-notch calibre of lecturers here. It is always worth it broadening your network with quality people who influence your life positively.

  • Liberal arts

Ashesi as a liberal arts institution, has to do with broadening your horizon on  literature, philosophy, calculus, culture, and religion. Although you major in Business Administration (BA), you also get to learn about programming and coding, which the Computer science (CS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) students offer. MIS and CS students also learn some Accounting concepts which the BA students offer. Engineering students also offer Microeconomics which the BA, MIS, and CS students offer. So when you graduate from Ashesi, you can fit into any field you please.

  • Job Opportunities

Most Ashesians applied to Ashesi because they heard that the job placement is “sure banker”. Well… That’s so not true. If you want to work at Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Vodafone, and all the other established companies in Ghana and across the world, you have to work for it. There is nothing like a served meal on a golden platter. That is the reason why the Career Services is here for you. They are here to help you to make sure you get employed after graduating from Ashesi. Their doors are always open, so do stop-by to say hello. Also make it a habit to send your CV to the CV  Clinic for check-up.

  • The weather

The weather is not too hot but it is definitely cold. Believe me when I tell you Ashesians chose this university because of the cool weather. Most of the Ghanaians especially believe their skin will be light and flawless when they get here. But… That’s not always the case.

  • Small class size

Most students love to go for lectures in small classes whereby they don’t have to stand throughout the lecture to listen to the lecturer.  In Ashesi, lecture halls are not crowded during lectures, which might be the case in some universities in Ghana. Usually, the maximum number of students in a lecture is about 60. Students get to fully participate during lectures. Also, the lecturer and the faculty-intern get to know the students taking the course. In Ashesi, don’t be surprised when your lecture notices you  missed a particular lecture during the week and sends you an email to check up on you.

  • Diversity

Ashesi is a well-diversified campus with over 20 nationalities from Africa and other parts of the world. There are students from Gambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Pakistan, Gabon, Ghana and so on. Since Ashesi is a well-diversified campus, it is easier to learn from different nationalities, especially through the exchange programs with other universities in the United States, and the weekly Global Cafe events the Office of Diversity and International Programs (ODIP) hosts.

  • Beautiful campus

Ashesi surely does have a wonderful and soothing campus. A campus that makes you feel at home. The sanity and purity of the campus makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit or perhaps tour in the Akuapim mountains. The campus is that addictive, visitors wish they could relocate here.


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