Freshers!!! Everything You Need To Know About Your UG Medical Exams

As a student of the University of Ghana, you are required to go through The Students Medical Examination (SME). It is one of the final stages to go through as part of the activities to complete your admission procedure.

So basically, if you don’t do this, you won’t graduate!

The medicals are just a great opportunity for the University to assess your current state of health and how that might impact your academic work. Also, it helps provide data that will serve as a baseline so that the University can follow up and monitor your health during your 4 or more years in school.

To avoid long delays, the Medicals will be conducted in groups. Sometimes groups are according to your hall of residence.

The first phase of the UG  medical examination includes filling a form online about your medical history and…it’s officially open!

Just click here  and log in with your ID and pin

After filling the form, you’d later be required to go to the University’s Hospital, not far from the University main gate for an X- ray and then, you will be directed to a lab usually at the Students Clinic at CC where blood and urine samples will be taken to check your Hb, malaria parasites, blood group and sickling.

The next phase will be to check your blood pressure, pulse, vision and body mass index (BMI). That means you’d get to know your height and weight in the process.

Finally, you’d meet a doctor who will evaluate all the info from the tests and give you advice, recommendations etc concerning your health status.

NOTE: After each phase, please log in here and check if your test results have been uploaded before moving on to the next.

Also, if you do not finish this medical exams within the stipulated time, you will pay a fine!

The Medical Examination Process Is Compulsory and a Must for all students enrolled in the University.


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