Everything You Need To Know About The Ashesi Ubora Awards

Hi Kuulpeeps!!!

Some of you may know what UBORA is and others may be wondering.


Well, UBORA is an Ashesi Student Council tradition to recognize members of the community – students, faculty, staff and alumni – who have demonstrated excellence in various areas of community life.

The award categories are modeled after Ashesi University’s three core pillars; scholarship, leadership, and citizenship.

The name “Ubora,” which is Swahili for ‘excellence’, is to express a desired standard that community members are encouraged to aspire to.

Below are the categories and criteria from which we will be awarding members of the Ashesi Community at Ubora!

We hope you’d familiarize yourself with them before the nomination and voting processes begin.


–       Student Awards: All fulltime students of Ashesi are eligible, provided they are in good academic and judicial standings.

–       Faculty and Staff Awards: Any part-time and/or full-time faculty member or staff is eligible.

–       Alumni Awards: All graduated alumni of Ashesi are eligible.


  1. Student Scholarship Awards

a.    Bright Star

To a student who exhibits academic excellence both inside and outside of the classroom. This student is intellectually curious and constantly asks questions that broaden the conversation and is committed to proactively sharing knowledge with peers.

b.     Entrepreneurial Spirit

To a student who exemplifies the ideals of entrepreneurship and puts business to practice especially in a socially conscious way

c.      Golden Mouse

To a student who uses their knowledge in Computer Science to constantly improve the lives of others and assist peers with IT related issues.

2.     Student Leadership Awards

a.      Leadership In Action

To a student or student group that takes initiative and goes beyond the call of duty to leave an indelible mark on the lives of others, no matter how small. This award does not necessarily go to the student leaders.

b.     Sports Man & Woman of the Year

To a male and female student who have shown keen interest in sports and are committed to improving sports at Ashesi.

c.      Rising Star

To a freshman or sophomore who has demonstrated initiative, drive and leadership and is committed to making an impact here at Ashesi.

3.     Student Citizenship Awards

a.     Campus Impact

To a student or a student group that has, in the past year, organized an event or activity to liven campus life. This could be a one-time event or a tradition.

b.     Community Engagement

To a student or a student group that has, in the past year demonstrated a commitment to serving others outside the Ashesi Community.

c.     Star Image Male & Female

To a student who demonstrates excellence in fashion and presentable dressing. Someone who rises up to every occasion in style, decency, presenting an image that stands out and is worth commending.

4.     Student Trident Awards

a.     Most Outstanding Class

To the class that exhibits overall excellence in all spheres of community life – turning up and participating in community activities, demonstrating scholarship and leadership in their interactions with other classes and having fun!

b.     Student Personality of the Year

To a student who exemplifies all three pillars of Ashesi in daily life.

5.     Faculty & Staff Trident Awards

a.     Most Outstanding Faculty

 To the faculty member who expanded the horizons, skills, and value systems of Ashesi students by providing support and guidance both inside and outside of the classroom.

b.     Most Outstanding Staff

 To the staff member, who has demonstrated a continual commitment to the pillars of Ashesi with a self-evident belief in the need to enhance student life in a positive way.

c.       Most Outstanding Faculty Intern

 To the Faculty Intern, who has demonstrated a continual commitment to the pillars of Ashesi with a self-evident belief in the need to enhance student life, (academic or other) in a positive way.

6.     Alumni Trident Awards

a.      Most Outstanding Alumni

To the alumnus who constantly strives for excellence in his or her chosen field, continually embodies the core values of Ashesi and still supports the mission of the university. 


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