Emmanuella Gets Wikipedia Endorsement

African comedians and comediennes have been blazing the trail on the international stage for some time now.

Basket Mouth, Nigeria’s biggest stand-up comedy export has done good for himself and the continent by landing international gigs.

South African, Trevor Noah is also doing an amazing job on The Daily Show in the USA, his contract was recently renewed for five more years.

Yesterday, another Nigerian comedienne got a stamp of approval from a big international organization.

Wikipedia, the new age student companion, sent a tweet that celebrated the work of Emmanuella, the star of the Mark Angel Comedy series.

“Watch as Emmanuella schools older students in this hilarious skit. Her secret weapon? Wikipedia,” the tweet said.

Though this is a good thing for Emmanuella, people were not entirely happy with the plot of the skit.

You have watched the skit, do you agree with them?

Emmanuella is not the only one Wikipedia celebrated. Nigerian movie legend Pete Edochie also had his own Wikipedia spotlight.

Thank us later…


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