The KFC Kumasi Team Gave This “Crient” An Outstanding Welcome When He Walked Into Their Store

When Richmond Xavier Amoakoh  stepped into the Kumasi  branch of KFC, he definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of welcome.

For those of you who do not know Richmond Xavier Amoakoh a.k.a Lawyer Ntikatakyie Bombay Isaiah Exchoirester.

Image result for kejetia vs makola

He stars in the series, “KejetiaVsMakola”.

To say he was surprised at the reception he was given when he walked into the store will be an understatement.

To him, it was a very big ‘Distin’ and he was very happy.

It just goes a long way to show that they appreciate him as an individual and for his talent.

We “arrested” our case!!!!!


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