Yes! Shatta Wale Bought A Maserati For His Friend

Shatta Wale is everything that you will want to describe him to be and the nice part is HE DOESN’T REALLY CARE!!!!!

Call him an attention seeker, extravagant and blah blah blah but the guy has a good heart, Charle!

On Wednesday, the self acclaimed “dancehall king” posted a picture of a Maserati on his Facebook page and just captioned it “Dream Big”

Obviously the first thought that came to the minds of many was that the dancehall king had added this car to his fleet of cars.

Looks like he had other plans ….lol…. He was back on social media on Thursday with another post about the same car…

All this while, when we were all thinking he had bought a new car, Shatta was going to give the car away to a mystery person.

It won’t be the first time that Shatta Wale has given out a car for free.

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Now, you remember his song, Taking Over????

Listen to the song and get to 0:25 , he mentioned the name Solash .

Turns out Solash was the lucky guy who got to win the Maserati.

It turns out that Solash is a very good friend of Shatta and is even part of the SM team.
To show his gratitude to Shatta, Solash also took to his Facebook and wrote a long message of gratitude to Shatta Wale.

Everybody needs a Shatta Wale in your friends list.


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