Here Are All The New Game Features In FIFA 18

The FIFA 18 game has finally been released!

Of course, we can’t wait to get our hands on the game, but before that, we all know each year, the game comes with so many new features.

Let’s run you through all the new features of FIFA 18.

Oh wait, before that let’s watch this video again.

FIFA 18 Video

Now, let’s look at the features…

Quick Substitution

FIFA 18 quick subs

In FIFA 18, you wouldn’t have to press the pause button to change a player. This is done by long pressing the back bumper when the ball goes dead. You can preset substitutions for players. For example, you can have Manchester United’s Anthony Martial poised to replace Marcus Rashford at any time.


There’s a new technique for crossing in FIFA. The standard cross has more pace and curve on it, compared to the more-looped delivery from last year, which makes the function feel more realistic. A player has to be in a good position and balance to give a good cross.

Alex Hunter 

Alex Hunter just got bigger and better in the Journey mode. Now, the new star is open to play for more teams and you can even watch him on vacation

Ball Shielding

Image result for fifa 18 ball shielding

Shielding in FIFA 18 is more by taking possession at feet and then shielding with your back to the opponent, a player can then roll an opposition defender or create space to make an attacking pass. It will be better to use strong players for shielding the ball.

Now that you’ve seen all the new features and online hype, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the game. Call 0500004567 to get a copy of the game.