Confirmed! Chris Attoh’s Marriage To Damilola Adegbite Is Over

Chris Attoh has finally confirmed that his marriage to Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite is over.

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It is very sad to know that after two years of marriage, the two of them are going their separate ways.

Chris confirmed this in an interview with

In the interview, Chris Attoh opened up about his career, his divorce, his foundation and upcoming productions.

Pertaining to his divorce, he said:

I believe throughout our marriage, it was probably one of the most challenging things we ever did. However, the key word is balance. At times when we both had to work, our parents would be there to hold the fort. God bless family because they were and still are very supportive.

However, since the divorce, we are obviously now reworking things to create a new balance between work, spending time with and raising our son.

Dami is a wonderful woman and an amazing mother. Despite our differences, she and I will always be friends. So, more than anything we will find ways to continue to make sure that Brian can still have a balanced upbringing filled with love and support. Both our families have been and are still very supportive in helping us take care of our son Brian when we can’t be there due to work.



Girls!!!!! Chris is on the market!!!!!!!!

We don’t know if he is searching though, but we are very sure he is open to date nights…


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