7 Types Of Lecturers You Are Sure To Love Or Hate In Uni

We go for lectures almost every day and all of us can agree that they can be the worst!!! But sometimes, they aren’t so bad and of course there are those rare gem lectures that you always look forward to.

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But hey, really, it all depends on the lecturer…right?

So here are some lecturers you have definitely encountered before and if you’re a level 100 student, don’t worry, soon you will find some lecturers in each of these categories… if you haven’t already.

The Normal Ones

These lecturers teach as expected and add a bit of humor to their lectures at the right times to keep students attention in class. They are cool and most of the time, you’re surprised at how quickly time flies in their class.

The Serious Ones

They are all about lecturing and are very serious with what they are teaching. Too serious to the point where you’ll get tired, confused and sometimes sleepy at the same time after about 30 minutes of paying attention.

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They tell little or no jokes and just make you ask yourself the “can we close?” question every 5 minutes. The annoying thing is they often lecture past their time too!

The lazy ones

Everyone’s favorite lecturer. These ones cancel classes often and when they don’t, they end the class earlier than required. Surprisingly, they are usually good at what they teach and you’d be surprised that they still manage to exhaust the course outline before exams, so don’t fret, they’ve gotcha!

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The Book Sellers

They are the type of lecturers that are always forcing you to buy books they wrote or other people’s books. They usually demand that you buy it and set out measures that will force you to buy it or else… resit is your portion. The mean ones will also lie to you that buying the book is optional but do not fall for it. You’ll be surprised to see that 90% of their exams questions will come from those books. Word of advice –

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The Road Runners

These are the lecturers that make you woozy after class. So much information, so little time! They will load your brain with a lot of information with little or no time to digest them and leave you feeling as confused as a chicken with its head cut off.

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The Story Tellers

They spend half of your lecture period telling stories most often about their days in the University and often, about the times they spent out of the country. The “You know the last time i was in…” are the worst! With time, you’ll come to find out that most of them are made up and the same stories are repeated to each year group that takes his class. Most of these lecturers are the lazy ones in disguise. They tell these stories to while away some of the lecture time.

The Funny Lecturers

You’ll never want to miss this lecturer’s class. He’ll make you laugh all through the lecture and give you the impression that the course is “easy peasy”. Kw3.. don’t  deceive yourself, it’s never that easy. They are the ones that set the most difficult exam questions so before you spend all your time in their class laughing, make sure you stay attentive, take down the important things and study extra hard for his course. He’s not a joking distin!

The “Only-Lecturer-In-The-World” Lecturers

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These ones act like their course is the only one you’re taking that semester. They will pile on assignments and give ridiculous deadlines to submit every time you meet. They love surprise quizzes and they also try to get the class to meet on free days. These lecturers do not let holidays affect them or their class.

So Kuulpeeps, let us know the kind of lectures you’ve met and which of them are your favorites or absolute enemies!!



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