UEW Stop! The ASOSS Freshers’ Akwaaba Is Here!

Yes, World stop!

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The Association of Social Sciences is about to hit our campus with the wildest freshers jam this semester and we can’t sit still! We have to share the filla. Trust us  when we say it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, charley!

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Take us back to Level 100 again!

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Anyways, let’s spare you the torture and just share the details.

On the 30th of September, join the Faculty of Social Sciences and Kuulpeeps for a fun-filled day! Your fun bill is on us.. Read on!

From 9am-5pm, we are gathering at the Olympic Arena at the North Campus for activities like rap, singing and dancing. For the athletic jocks, don’t worry we have football, swimming and volleyball games for you.

Ladies, come for some eye candy as those six-pack guys participate in weight lifting.

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Guys, shhh….. there’s going to be a twerking challenge too.

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What are you still waiting for? Get your casual fashion game on and come let’s vibe. Don’t forget to say hi to our KuulCamera when you spot us!

Issa vibe distin!



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