This The Emerging Ghanaian Podcast Landscape You Should Know About

Ghana’s growing podcast scene received a major boost last Saturday when the Gold Coast Report (GCR) hosted the Ghana’s Podcasters (#GhPod) Week event in Accra.

#GhPod week did not only see podcasters come together and network, but it was also marked by crossover collaborations which saw podcasters from some of Ghana’s well known podcasts featured as guests on shows on the Gold Coast Report network.

Shows like For Your Consideration, a film and television review podcast joined GCR’s The Other Room, an all-women podcast that looks to navigate adulthood and discuss social issues through a witty gendered lens to talk about the complex issue of women representation in film.
 Free Your Mind, a podcast show on the GCR network whose weekly panel looks to say things without mincing words were joined by the hosts of The Grey Podcast, a women podcast dedicated to having real conversations on life, to have a spirited argument about how ‘woke’ Ghanaians are.

The team from Accra We Dey, a collective looking to celebrate Accra’s people and highlight their stories, joined The Unartiste Podcast , for a lively discussion about being an influencer in Ghana and what that is all about.


After The Whistle, a sports podcast on the GCR network was joined by the hosts from Wonna Mic De On, a podcast that styles itself as a podcast just for the guys to discuss masculinity in sports and the wider society.


In discussing the importance of podcasts in Ghana, Lemuel, a host of the Free Your Mind Podcast said, “podcasting allows us to break down complex arguments into relatable and digestible bits of information for listeners”.  Vee, a host on The Other Room podcast show shared her thoughts on why more and more listeners are choosing to listen to podcasts saying, “podcasts make it easy for you to listen to what you want to listen to when you want to listen”. It’s brilliant and because listeners can easily send in their questions and topic suggestions, there is a real sense of community that exists amongst everyone involved with a podcast show… from the hosts, to the listeners to those who send in their questions”. We all one huge family”!

Meanwhile, Donald Aryee, the co-founder of The Gold Coast Report Podcast believes that podcast is “the new frontier in the Ghanaian broadcasting space and we are excited to discover what the future holds for podcasting”.


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