Here’s How To Learn French And Have Fun In Legon

Learning another language can be difficult!

We know for sure just how irritated most of you got anytime you checked your timetable and French was your next class, back in high school.

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It didn’t help too that for some reason, a lot of French teachers were very annoying and MEAN, with NO Patience!!

All these made it really difficult to appreciate the language and even though some of us had some hidden love for the language, we could never dare to express it.

Well, good news guys, the UG French club is on a mission to make the French language easier and more fun for you.

They hope to erase those bitter memories from your high school French classes with Cine-Club.

Every Wednesday, at 4.30pm, the MLA conference room turns into a mini Silverbird Cinema and opens its doors for all students to come and sit comfortably with their popcorn or drinks and enjoy a movie.

The movie will be in French but will have subtitles in English so you don’t get too confused.

Last week’s premier was a success and had everyone laughing from the movie that was shown. This Wednesday, it’s a love movie because, which people know about love better than the French?

So clear your Wednesdays, because every week, we will be learning some French!! with popcorn!!



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