Here Are Job Opportunities That Are Available On Ashesi Campus For Students

As a student, although you don’t have a family of your own or pay your tuition, you still need money.

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Just because Ashesi is out of town and on a hill doesn’t mean you can’t make money. There are various jobs on campus which give stipends.

Below are a few:

  • Library Work Study

As a library work study personnel, you have to see to the needs of students in the library. These could be helping out with the photocopier, or printing documents. You also have to make sure people don’t break the rules of the Todd and Ruth Warren Library. It comes with a stipend. Working hours are usually between 5pm and midnight, and up to 1am during exam periods (Mid-semester Exams and Final Exams). Applications are open every semester. All you have to do is reply to the email which is usually sent by either Dinah Kotey Baidoo, Enoch Agonyo, or Nina Chachu. Library work study personnel are paid per hour.

In order to apply you need;

  1. Year Group (e.g. Class of 2016, Class of 2020, etc)
  2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Type of financial aid (if any)
  5. Experience with work study (if applicable)
  • Infirmary Work Study

As a work study personnel at the health center, you have to help post health tips on the notice boards across campus.

Application slots are mostly limited. Application is  open when the infirmary needs extra help during the semester.

  • Lab Work Study

Students who work in the labs, precisely Lab 221 and Lab 222, ensure that other students who use the lab do not violate the rules of the lab. For example, you have to make sure people do not eat in the lab, no one takes a chair out of the lab, or unplug a mouse or keyboard (which is rare because honor code really works).

To apply, look out for Dr. Korsah’s mail requesting for students to work study in the lab. She usually sends the mail at the beginning of the semester.

  • Writing Centre Tutor

This is where your teaching skills come to play. As a tutor in the writing centre, you have to review and assist in editing the write-ups of students. Most often, either Kobby Ankomah Graham, Kaysa Hallberg Adu, or Eli Tetteh, send the mail requesting for continuing students to apply to join the writing centre. In order to be a writing centre tutor, you should have a minimum of a B in both Text and Meaning, and Written and Oral Communication.

Writing centre tutors are paid per hour basis. Most often, their working time is between 7pm-9pm. During peak times in the semester, you might have to work extra hours. For example; when final papers are almost due, or when there is a strict requirement in a particular course for students to visit the writing centre.

  • Math Resource Centre

Students in the math resource centre are supposed to explain Calculus or Pre-Calculus concepts to students. To apply, watch out for an email from Joseph Mensah or Eric Ocran for Calculus work study opportunities, and Kwame Gyamfi or Mrs. Rebecca Awuah for Pre-Calculus work study opportunities.

The working hours is between 7pm-9pm. During peak times in a semester, you might have to work extra hours. For example; when students have assignments they don’t understand, or when there is going to be a Calculus or Pre-Calculus major quiz.

Let’s make money rain this semester guys!!!

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