Everything You Need To Know About Ezifood

Ezifood is a food ordering app that provides you an alternatively fast, reliable and convenient way of eating from your favorite restaurants and food joints.

Save yourself the stress of long queues and get on the app to make your order. Their services are currently available only in Kumasi.

Ezifood brings solutions to limitations and weaknesses in the current food ordering process.

Ezifood provides:

The ability to choose or search for food (and food joints) through a comprehensive and an easy to use online food menu with just a click of a button.

The flexibility to order food at anywhere and from anywhere. No need to be in queue when buying food.

The flexibility to use alternative payment methods such as letting your friends or parents pay for the food you order, accepting mobile money payments, accepting Visa and MasterCard among others.

The ability to perform cash or cashless transactions. Although we will be accepting cash transactions, the system will be built to manage them efficiently in order to reduce errors.

The ability to order food instantaneously, whether people are ordering concurrently or not, the order is sent the very moment the checkout order button is clicked.

The simplistic way to order food from several food joints with just a click without placing phone calls to any of them.


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