Things You Thought Were Sexy But Are Actually Turnoffs

You’re that handsome guy all the girls swoon over and your beauty as a girl dazzles the guys to fumbling wrecks. I guess you have in your mind that your every move and act is suave and depicts sexiness of the highest order. Well here’s the truth: you are not always spot on with your actions when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Here are some things you might have tried which made you seem more of a turnoff than you actually are.

The Finger In Palm Rub


How is that still a thing? Where did you conceive the notion that tickling a girl’s palm will leave her yearning for your presence in her life? Maybe it did work years back when most girls giggled at everything boys did. Now, you’ll realize how fast you repel the ladies when they should be buzzing round you like flies.

The Crop Top And Potbelly Combo


Crop tops are not for everyone. It’s so simple but quite difficult to understand for many females. Trust me, it is very upsetting to see raw belly hanging out and creates the impression of an adult in a child’s top. If you know the extra rolls of fat can’t be tucked in with the conscious tightening of tummy muscles steer clear of crop tops.

The Eye Flick And Lip Lick


You should have a good explanation (at least for yourself) for that. Why are you being so 2003 when it’s 2017? Away with such Nelly-like behavior! You do. not. need to wet your lips before you speak every sentence to a girl. It is not sexy.

Flaunting Muscle. With No Muscle At All


To all guys who have this problem. We see your struggle, we appreciate your struggle and we wish you better days of great muscles. But please, spare us the constant sight of your now developing chest. Whipping off your shirts at the least provocation puts us in more uncomfortable positions than you’ll imagine. Don’t touch those V-neck tees either.

Shade Under Shade

shade under shade

Only celebrities are excused on this one. No girl in the club wants to associate herself with a “blind” man who is desperately trying to grope her in his state. Leave your sunglasses to exult in the sun, please.

Stomping In Heels


There is everything unsexy about stomping around in your heels like you are in combat boots.  You can’t achieve the sexy slink in heels? Kick them off and keep your flats. Life is too short for self-imposed embarrassments.

Whispering And Breathing Heavily

bad breath

It’s true the motive is to be incredibly romantic. Just so you can make that girl by you know that the two of you have business no one is privy to. But sometimes it is just unbearable. Especially when you aren’t exactly familiar and you aren’t a pro at managing your breathing. I decline to even mention the issue of bad breath as it does bring back unpleasant memories for many.

If you’re a great advocate of any of these or have tried a couple before, don’t worry. The past remains the past. But if you feel they are still great techniques, go ahead, try them. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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