This Single Tweet Sparked Off A Chain Of Reactions No One Expected

Meet @kofisiriboe.

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Ladies please keep your wig caps on wai..

Now this guy…. we really don’t know what happened to him last night but he put out a tweet saying……….

….as to who the baby was dierr we don’t know.

But people claimed the baby and come and see replies… Jezoz is lawwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddddd!!!!!!!!

Eiiiii Jesus didn’t die for this oooo…. we cannot translate please. As of this minute, we do not know how to speak, read or write twi.


Our Naija sisters didn’t want language to be a barrier charle…


The personal Linguists of the Asantehene were also not left out. They had to drop a few words for the )tek)k)sunana. (but who told the twitter people the language is from Indonesia?)


The Diasporans who were feeling the baby boy had to one way or another find a way to get through to him.


All this guy needed was the follow up question “What does it mean?” and his DM would have been lit.


3nu dier 3fa muhu b3n ? Can we just stick to the subject matter please?


Wanlov just had to round it all up charle…lol


Mr Kofi Siriboe, can you kindly come and explain what the purpose of this was……..because the baby girls are thirsty; they want to know if their thirst will be quenched please.


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