An Uber Driver Threatened To Beat A Passenger For ‘Ordering Him Around’

So on Saturday, at around 11:10pm, Kobe Subramaniam decided to use an Uber from Republic, Osu to his home. Unfortunately for him, the Uber driver he was allocated wasn’t that friendly.

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According to Kobe, the driver agreed to use a route he (Kobe) had suggested before the trip and he (uber driver) lost it when Kobe began giving him directions. He said, “I’m ordering him around, and started insulting me in Ga.”

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Kobe says the driver had the impression he was a bad guy and was avoiding the Police because he (uber driver) thought Kobe carried drugs on him. Kobe assured him he had no drugs and just wanted to get home to sleep, that’s why he was giving him those directions, but that did not stop the driver from verbally abusing him.

At the end of the day, Kobe was not hurt physically, but was disappointed at the Uber driver’s actions and words.

We hope Kobe Subramanian gets the compensation he deserves from Uber Ghana.

Kobe Subramaniam

Uber Ghana


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